Technotech 8 Port VGA Splitter


    8 Port VGA splitter can help you realize high fidelity distant signal transmission. It supports display from 1 system to eight monitors or from eight systems to 1 monitor without image warp or definition loss. This 8 Port VGA switch supports up to 1600 x 1280 resolution. It’s easy to operate, plug and play. This VGA switch can effectively keep your desk free from disorderlyness. With compact size and light weight, it’s portable and take up little space. The VGA splitter is a Power device & needs external power. Can be used by power computer users, for broadcasting information to public ( Bus stations, Railway stations, Airports etc), for montioring harsh working conditions from safe locations and also by classroom or company training facilities.
    Package Contents
    1x 8-Port VGA Splitter with Audio
    1x Power Adapter
    1x User Instructions

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