Technotech 4 Port VGA Splitter


    Enjoy 4 displays simultaneously from one Computer, 4 Way VGA SVGA TFT LCD Montior Plasma Projector. Easily share single PC between four VGA TVs, monitors or projectors.
    This video splitter is compatible with 95% of the monitor on the market and enables up to 64 monitor to share the information of a host computer simultaneously.
    Widely Used: It’s popular in different occasion, like electrochemistry, ranging from schools, churches, retail, point-of-sale displays to trade show presentations, etc.
    Resolution : 1920 x 1440, Maximum Transmission Distance: 30 meters With AC/DC Adaptor Input: 100 – 240V AC Frequency: 50 – 60 GHz Output: 5V DC 1000 mA
    Compact Design – Metalic Case – Easy to install. Package Contents: 1 x 4 Port VGA Splitter 1 x AC power adapter.

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