Technotech HDMI Female to Female Connector


The female to female HDMI coupler extends the distance of your existing HDMI cable or converts the male HDMI connector into a female connector. Fully compliant with the latest HDMI standard, this HDMI cable coupler is capable of carrying the increased bandwidth of HDMI 2.0 at 18 Gbps.


Technotech HDMI  Connector Female To Female Adaptor

HDMI  Connector Connect Two HDMI Cables Easily: TONY STARK female to female adapter easily connects two standard HDMI cables together. Ideal to extend the length and distance between computers, media streaming player, or Blu-ray player to an Ultra HD TV, monitor or projector with HDMI input.

Easy To Use Coupler: This HDMI female to female adapter is to extend your HDMI cable. It is quite easy to use and works on the plug and play system, no driver installation required. Just plug two cables together and project the same image to two displays at a time.

Ultimate Performance: The gold-plated interface of HDMI adapter resist corrosion, provides durability, high performance, and improves the signal transmission between HDMI components or cables for better viewing experience.

Hd Video Support: This female to female HDMI coupler adapter supports Ultra HD / Dual Stream 1080p 3D technology. HD video requires an HD equipped source, HDMI cables, and output display. For a better viewing experience sound quality is also important. Do not worry, our adapter also supports Dolby digital sound which passes through for you to surround by rich sound.

HDMI  Connector compatibility is the ket: Our coupler adapter is compatible with standard and high-speed HDMI cables. It is also compatible with any devices that have an HDMI interface such as Blu-Ray Players, 3D Television, Xbox, Projector, Laptop, PC, PS3, LCD, LED. This adapter is not a bi-directional converter. You can only connect devices with display port to the HDMI equipped display devices.

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